School Anthem


Khulumo Montfort … (2)
Swngchar gwnangwi le pirjakha nini sagri;
Yak tolwi tishao jotto takhuk bukhukno

1. Mwnakma Tripura hao phaijakha nwng
Siyano sirowi tisana bagwi … (2)

Chwngsawi phaikha chini bwkhao
Nini hamari manwi.

2. Lai phaikha Atharomura Baramura
Chwngsawi tongkha hatai sakao … (2)

Tubwi phaikha khakchangma oro
Hamari gwnang Montfort

Meaning :

We bow to you, St. Montfort
Your disciples have reached everywhere in the world
Your helping hand has uplifted everyone.

1. You have come to Tripura like a light in the dark,
To usher in an era of enlightenment
Our hearts are filled with happiness because of your blessing.

2. You have come crossing Atharamura, Baramura
The light you have brought is shining bright on the hill topsSt. Montfort, you    have brought light and peace to this land.