Rules & Regulations

General Instruction to Class Teachers:

The class teacher bears great responsibility towards the development of right attitudes in the students. As the first person the students encounter in the class each day, he / she has the duty to motivate them to excellence by encouraging words, appropriate corrections and even disciplinary actions if needed. The following are to be effected:

    1. Create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the class. Develop in the students a sense of belonging to the school. Let it be a joy for them to come to school each day.
    2. Spend a few minutes at the start of each day, to check on the uniform, personal hygiene, hairstyle, cleanliness of the classroom, blackboard data etc. Latest fads like colouring of hair, fancy watches, mobile phones, tattoos, nail polish, rings / bangles, ornaments, chewing gums & items like tiranga, chutki, dendrite etc, are strictly forbidden.
    3. On Wednesdays, Girls up to class VI will have to wear skirts and not Rignai. The girls of XI & XII will wear the dress that is prescribed and supplied from the school.
    4. On Wednesday, boys will wear Black Pants, White half sleeve shirt, with Black tie, Black ‘Naughty Boy’ shoes with bottle green socks, neck tie, and school belt.
    5. On Saturdays, all students will wear the black shoes. Those taking part in sports activities will bring separately the materials needed for the same.
    6. Class teachers can sign the handbooks if the students are absent for a period up to two days at a time. Anyone who is absent for three or more days, and those who are already absent for a total of six days should be directed to the Principal.
    7. The proper use of the Handbook is to be taught to the students by the Class Teacher.
    8. Periodically (at least once in a fortnight), evaluate the overall ‘atmosphere’ of the class. This is to be done responsibly with the aim of appreciating and acclaiming whatever is good and for taking corrective measures on others. The class teacher will have to maintain a record of the same. ( record book to be provided)
    9. Attendance is to be taken by calling out the names and not the roll numbers. The students should stand up and answer the attendance by saying “Present Miss/Sir”
    10. The class teacher shall allot places for the students in the class. In classes VII to XII boys and girls must be seated in separate benches. Care should be taken that no scribbling is done on the desks and benches. Any scribbling or writing should be reported to the Principal. If the same is found during periodic inspection, class Teacher will be held responsible.
    11. Class leaders will be appointed for each month by the Class Teachers rotating the Class leader and Asst. leader between girls and boys every month. Support them fully to carry out their duties well. Misbehaviour by the students, when reported by the Leaders, should be taken seriously and attended to, by the Class teachers and a record of the same is to be maintained.
    12. The classrooms are to be kept neat and tidy. Classes VII to XII will have sweeping duty every day. The class teacher shall monitor the same. Laxity on the part of any student should be recorded and brought to the notice of the Vice Principal / Principal.


(Tuesdays: X – XII, Thursdays: VII – IX. On Fridays, for I – VI, during CCA period)

At the first bell, the students shall go into their respective classes for attendance. After the attendance, those who are to go for the assembly shall proceed in line & in silence to the school hall with the Handbook. After the assembly, silence is to be strictly maintained while returning to the respective classes. The orderly going for and returning from the assembly will be the direct responsibility of the respective class teachers. They will also stand along with their respective classes during the assembly. Teachers who are free, during the assembly are expected to attend the assembly.

All the students who come to the hall for practice, rehearsal or assembly shall use the main and side entrances only, so that the other classes are not disturbed. Practices for Class Assemblies will have to done during CCA Period (1st shift), Cultural Period (VI -VIII), Art Edn Period (IX & X) and Substitution Periods (XI & XII) or after class. Regular Classes are not to be used for Assembly Practice.

Prayer at the end of the day’s classes:

A bell will be rung at 4.15 pm for the class teacher s to go to their respective classes and take the attendance. There will be another bell at 4.20 pm for prayer and dispersal. Those  who have the sweeping duty (Classes VII – XII) will clean the class rooms only after the dispersal bell. The Class teachers will supervise the sweeping duty of their respective classes before they leave the school.

Class Room Behaviour / Management:

    1. Before and after each class, the students shall stand and wish the teacher.
    2. The teacher will begin each class with a few moments of silence at the end of which he / she will say ‘St. Montfort’ and the students will respond ‘Pray for us’.
    3. If any student wants to enter or leave the classroom during a period, he / she shall seek the written permission of the teacher in the teachers remarks column in handbook .
    4. Proper brother-sister relationship should be maintained between boys and girls.
    5. Effective use of the blackboard by the teacher is necessary while teaching. Whatever is written on the board should be neat, legible & big enough to be read, even by the students of the last row.
    6. The teacher pays individual attention to all without any partiality to do well in their studies.
    7. All Teachers are to take the students to the Smart Class as per the availability. A chart will be maintained in the school office. The concerned teacher will make sure that students do not meddle with any of the gadgets installed in these rooms. All the teachers are expected to use the smart classes.
    8. Students are strictly prohibited from entering other classrooms, especially during the intervals.


Discipline is prevention before a problem arises. It is harnessing and channelling the energy for a great performance. It is something we do to those we care about, and hence it is an act of love. It is the duty of every teacher to instil in the students the value of self-discipline. No indiscipline of any sort is to be tolerated by any of the teachers.


  • Lessons as per the Syllabus: Each teacher will strictly follow the month wise syllabus in each subject. For Cl X & XII, the Syllabus is to be completed by December 2020. The month wise plan is to be written down in the Lesson Plan Note Book. It is to be ready by 26 April 2019.
  • All the teachers should use appropriate teaching aids like Charts, maps, flash cards, models and specimens.
  • Lecture Method is to be avoided while teaching. The question – answer method, activity method etc may be used to arouse interest in the topic. Citing real life situations will make the learning process easy and appealing.
  • The teacher is not permitted to sit and teach.
  • Each classroom will have the ‘New Words’ column on the blackboard. Each day a student will come prepared with a new word and present it in the class / blackboard.

The Assembly could be organized on the following lines within 30 minutes:

  1. Prayer Song
  2. Reading from the Bible / Prayer
  3. Speech / Message by the class Teacher
  4. Speech by a Student of the class
  5. Recitation of Poem (One or more)
  6. English Lang. item / Special item based on a theme or an Important Day of the Year
  7. Biography of a Great Leader / Scientist / Short Skit / Anecdote / Speech /
    Commentary / Dance / Role Play /Action Song/ Poem Recitation etc
  8. News
  9. Thought for the day
  10. Principal’s/V.P remarks
  11. School Anthem